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Too often young people enter the juvenile justice system with a disadvantage due to societal structures that do not promote success as a result of responsible choices. Young people make mistakes, and unfortunately, some juveniles, due to such factors as race, ethnicity, and class, are subjected to unfair punishment for crimes committed. Once in the system, juveniles face tremendous difficulties. Without family members and a concrete support system, many young people can be lost within an institution that values punishment over restoration, development, and recovery. As rates of recidivism continue at a high level, particularly for the black and Latino communities, it is absolutely necessary for lawmakers and citizens of this country to help young people in the justice system receive the treatment and support they deserve. The mission of Citizens for Juvenile Justice is to advocate for just that: “a fair and effective juvenile justice system in Massachusetts, designed to promote the healthy development of children and youth so they can grow up to live as responsible and productive adults in our communities.”

Through advocacy, leadership, juvenile justice forums, and research, Citizens for Juvenile Justice works with juveniles in the system and their families to lower recidivism and promote a healthy reentry into society. To learn more about the work CfJJ does, as well as stories from their staff, listen to the interviews above!