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Jane Doe Inc. is a statewide alliance, an advocacy organization, a promoter for change, and so much more. It is also the only statewide, non-profit, advocacy organization for sexual and domestic violence in Massachusetts. JDI provides expert support and resources to the Boston community by advocating on behalf of victims and offering confidential, short and long-term crisis support to thousands of survivors and their families each year. Jane Doe Inc. offers support groups, protection and a hotline that runs 24 hours a day with the goal of raising awareness about sexual assault and domestic violence.

The terms John/Jane Doe are used whenever a person’s identity is unknown or cannot be disclosed. This shows that “Jane Doe Inc.” respects confidentiality as well as believing the victims that come to them desperately need protection and a safe haven. Jane Doe Inc. also has a twitter page so women can feel safe and get information on matters of stalking, sexual abuse, and domestic violence easily. It is an important and selfless organization that has been successful at helping and saving victims for many years.

Written by Amanda Grant, Grade 12 (2015)