Toni Troop

“The reality is, sexual and domestic violence affects so many people that we do ourselves a disservice as a society if we don’t own up to that and face it.”


Interviewee: Toni Troop

Interviewer: Kayla C., Grade 11

Interview Date: January 29, 2015

Interview Location: Jane Doe Inc., Boston, MA

Student Reflection:

I interviewed Ms. Troop, who is a truly inspiring activist striving to put an end to sexual and domestic assault. It was an eye-opening experience visiting Jane Doe Inc. and learning more about the state-wide coalition that is an advocate for victims and strives to inform and educate others on sexual and domestic assaults. Jane Doe Inc. has had many triumphs and challenges along the way, but it is a resilient coalition that has made a significant impact on victims and has gained the support of many elected government officials. When I visited Jane Doe Inc. I had the opportunity to learn more about their mission, discovered more ways I can be an activist, and was able to witness the hard work that the members of Jane Doe Inc. put in each and every day to achieve a safer future. Sexual and domestic assaults occur far too often and Jane Doe Inc. is taking a stand to put an end to it, so that hopefully in the future no human being will ever be a victim of a sexual or domestic assault.


“When the position became open at Jane Doe Inc. I was immediately drawn to it because it allowed me to bring my communication skills and policy skills and match that with an issue that I was passionate about, which is the safety of women, children, and generally creating a safe community for all of us.”

“I’m humble to get paid to do this work, to be able to come into a job and work with people who are equally dedicated, thoughtful, smart, committed, and passionate about the opportunity and the responsibility we feel to make a difference”

“To see the Jane Doe, Inc. banner with our logo and website flying from the state house with the governor standing out there in the freezing cold doing the countdown was a pretty memorable day.”

“There have been as many challenges as successes.”

“It’s a challenge to recognize how far we’ve come, but still know there is so much more work to do.”

“When we tell people the work we do, inevitably people disclose to us what their experience with violence has been.”

“Being here 30 plus years is in itself an achievement.”

“The work of being in a coalition is not turning away when things are difficult.”

“I have always been inspired by those who have been willing to put their lives on the line for what they believe in.”

“Being at Jane Doe, Inc. has helped me grow in so many ways.”

“It taught me that I am happiest when I am doing what’s important to me.”

“We have to look at people’s whole selves and not just that one thing to define them.”

“The reality is, sexual and domestic violence affects so many people that we do ourselves a disservice as a society if we don’t own up to that and face it.”

“Jane Doe, Inc. carries the weight of the movement and the hope of survivors with us so that we can really make a difference.”

“Being an activist is about standing up for what you believe in, taking risks for what you care about and value; it’s about having a goal and being strategic to achieve it.”

“Activism comes in many shapes and sizes.”