Sr. Margaret Henry, MFIC

“We as Christians aim to be peacemakers.”


Interviewee: Sr. Margaret Henry, MFIC

Interviewer: Christina S., Grade 11

Interview Date: October 17, 2014

Interview Location: Mount Alvernia, Newton, MA

On October 17, 2014, I interviewed Sister Margaret Henry at Mount Alvernia High School. She was born in Northern Ireland and still carries her strong brogue with her. Sister Margaret decided to become a Franciscan Sister because of the missionaries and her family members that had joined and shared a special bond with God and life. She believes activism is being true to your beliefs and standing up for them. She has had experiences of activism in both of her long-term missions in Egypt and in Ireland. In Egypt, she had students of both Islam and Catholicism in a classroom together to try and create peace among them for the future. The children were the most eager to learn students Sister Margaret has ever dealt with. In Ireland, she worked at a nursing home and helped reassure patients’ family members that these people would not die alone. She works as a community with her sisters and together, they have accomplished much.


“Activism really means being true to your beliefs and standing up for them.”

“Because I am a Catholic and because I am a sister, my experiences of activism are very much connected with where I have been missioned.”

“It is not a peaceful country, Egypt, but hopefully the people and students we met, would be able in their later lives to stand for peace.”

“We as Christians aim to be peacemakers.”

“We felt as if our work, if not complete, was well on its way to being complete.”

“You ask me about my greatest achievement –  I didn’t do it alone, it was the community.”

“The students in Egypt were any teachers’ dream. They were so eager to learn.”

“We had promised relatives that their loved ones would not be alone when they came to dying.”