Marissa Drossos

“Activism is standing up for what you believe in and taking action.” 


Interviewee: Marissa Drossos

Interviewer: Amanda G., Grade 12

Interview Date: February 26, 2015

Interview Location: Partners for Youth with Disabilities, Boston, MA

Student Reflection:

Marissa Drossos began working at PYD two years ago after working in education for many years. While in the education field she worked primarily with low income youth and decided to come to PYD because she was looking for change and further opportunity for growth. When I asked her what her “typical” day was she responded fondly, “No day is the same for me.” I got this vibe when I was at PYD that it was not only an exciting, hard-working community, but that all their employees strongly enjoyed their atypical/busy lifestyles. Her day often includes teaching interview skills, resume writing, coordinating with other teachers, funding projects, and much, much more. Ms. Drossos is extremely committed to her work and stated that she enjoys “working with high schoolers and seeing them go out into the community.” She strongly believes that “making this issue important” is vital because although PYD and the outlook of people with disabilities have come a long way, there is “a lot more to be done.” Together, PYD strives to help young people with disabilities become activists themselves and stand up and advocate for their rights, needs, and hopes. Marissa’s passion radiates through her, and she finds joy out of, “giving those tools to go in the community and make a change.” When I asked Marissa what she thought activism was, she responded simply yet beautifully that “Activism is standing up for what you believe in and taking action.” Marissa, while not necessarily seeing herself as an activist, to me is just that. She is doing work that she believes is important and bettering the community and the world. PYD is an extraordinary organization that serves youth from ages 6-24 and by doing so they are making it clear that people with disabilities are capable of making a change.