Lynne Callahan

“Prisoners are human beings and have stories.”


Interviewee: Lynne Callahan

Interviewer: Mary Rose D., Grade 11 and Christina S., Grade 11

Interview Date: March 2, 2015

Interview Location: St. Cecelia Parish, Boston, MA


“A happy accident because I misunderstood what Peg needed…Then I kept coming back.”

“I would have wanted somebody in his life who treated him as just a human being, not as somebody whose been through prison…just able to sit and have a conversation with him.”

“The group has a privacy piece to it that’s maintained, just like any twelve step meeting…but it’s not structured the same way.”

“I’m doing Jesus’ work. He asked us to do his work.”

“I enjoy connecting with the guys.”

“Prisoners are human beings and have stories.”

“It’s really removed a lot of my prejudices.”

“When you talk about your families and you talk about your childhoods, you have more in common than you have in differences.”

“I had completely misidentified them and mislabeled them.”

“The larger St. Cecelia’s community is very social justice oriented…I think it was being here, being in this parish to not just step into it but have a venue for it.”

“There are all sorts of obstacles they have to go over. They can make very minor mistakes and they can be pulled back into the system for something very minor.”

“How they loop people through…how once they have a juvenile offender…it’s almost set up to keep them coming back, which is a little bit scary.”

“How they treat drug offenders and I feel that needs to be adjusted to treatment and rehabilitation and not imprisonment.”

“It gives them a place where they are safe, where they are not judged.”

“I think it’s a great model for activism…I’m hoping it’s going to be a springboard for other things in our parish, for other ways to reach out.”

“Activism can happen anywhere from your personal decisions to your decisions within a community.”

“Activism can be a little bit risky.”

“In education…I’m very verbal and outspoken about it.”

“I think younger people really need the modeling of adults and the support of adults to step into it…I think they need to hone in on something that interests them.”