Sarah Donohue

“I don’t believe in one group of people having more rights than another.”


Interviewee: Sarah Donohue

Interviewer: Christina S., Grade 11

Interview Date: March 2, 2015

Interview Location: St. Cecelia Parish, Boston, MA

Student Reflection:

On March 2nd, my classmates and I had the opportunity to visit St. Cecelia’s Prison  and After Program. We all pitched in to make a big dinner and interviewed some of the weekly volunteers. Mary Rose and I interviewed Sarah Donohue, who volunteers every Monday night  with her family.  Sarah has been volunteering with her husband for two years now. Sarah is really bothered by the injustices that these men receive once they are released into the outside world. She believes it is extremely unfair that it is so difficult and even impossible at times for them to get jobs, buy homes, be looked at equally, and live normal lives. Usually, Sarah helps prepare the dinner or help with the group discussions. The group discussions are a time to reflect and help the men prepare for change in the outside world. Prison and After gives these men a place to feel like everyday citizens because not everyone has or will give them that type of acceptance in the future.


“It’s a passion of mine to work with people who are in that system and talk about the injustices that are involved with it.”

“This group is very important to me.”

“A lot of the guys have talked about how they appreciate having this time and space.”

“I really like connecting with people I wouldn’t probably meet any other way.”

“We’re all humans and we’re all universally having similar experiences.”

“It really reminds me to stop and think about what I am grateful for.”

“These guys are really living in the moment and living for today.”

“I get really fired up about the social justice components of this stuff and how unfair and unjust this system is.”

“Once you get in this system there’s no way out.”

“I’ve always really felt passionately about human rights issues.”

“I don’t believe in one group of people having more rights than another.”