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Revision Urban Farm is a groundbreaking community project based on urban agriculture. This project consists of growing produce in the urban farm fields as well as providing access to reasonable, nourishing, and customarily appropriate foods to residents of the Revision Family Home. Revision Family Home is a shelter for the homeless. In addition to nutritionally supporting the homeless, Revision Urban Farm also provides job training for its residents.

Revision Urban Farm began as a small garden in the year 1990 and a shelter for homeless mothers and women, which is now the Revision Family Home. Revision Farm purchased three uninhabited lots across the street and a plot of land was then domesticated in the heart of the city to become the Revision Urban farm. Revision Urban Farm grows and sells crops at local farm stands, offers education, job-training, and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). The farm is a loving environment that helps many people in Boston.

Written by Amanda Grant, Grade 12 (2015)