Shani Fletcher

“I feel like I’ve got an even stronger sense that every human being is worth being cherished.”


Interviewee: Shani Fletcher

Interviewers: Mary Rose D., Grade 11 and Christina S., Grade 11

Interview Date: January 21, 2015

Interview Location: ReVision Urban Farm, Boston, MA

 Student Reflection (Mary Rose):

In Christina’s and my interview with Ms. Fletcher, I learned so much of the importance of Revision Urban Farm and the Revision House to the surrounding community. I learned that it helps those who need a kick start in their lives and need a place to stay in a rough time. It shows that they care and want to give back to those who need help and the people in the community around them. This program shows unity and the power to prosper into the greatest anyone can be. They have a daycare that educates the children on food and where it comes from. This helps children learn what they eat and get more comfortable with the food that they eat. They empower those who are struggling to get up off their feet and try to have a better life.

Student Reflection (Christina):

On January 21, I visited ReVision Urban Farm located in Dorchester, MA. The first thing we did when we arrived was tour the farm and see the homes that the women and children are living in. ReVision Urban Farm is not just a farm, but also a shelter for single moms who are struggling financially and need help and a place to stay with their children for a year or two. Across from the homes is a greenhouse where a lot of the planting is done. All of the food grown is sold and given to those in the community. In the greenhouse, my classmates, teacher and I got the opportunity to grow peas and bleach trays that have been used to plant all other types of vegetables. Mary Rose and I interviewed Shani Fletcher, who is the Farm Manager. She plans where and how everything should be planted and does much of the farming herself.


“There are two halfs of the story. Revision Urban Farm began as part of Revision House, which is a shelter that started around 1989. There was a woman in the neighborhood whose daughter and her daughter’s friend got pregnant. Her daughters friend got kicked out of her home, so the woman wanted them to have a safe place to be. She started a program called Revision House. Then in ‘93 and ‘94 she started the farm.”

“I like that I can do so many things like the math, planning, and there’s getting my hands in the dirt, and making sure the vegetables look good.”

“Farming in general is really exciting because their are so many different ways to use your mind.”

“The challenge is balancing. We try to balance serving our local community and people who are in need, but also making some money to offset the cost of doing that.”

“Every human being is in their own journey and own struggle. Every human being is worth being cherished and worthwhile and has something to contribute. Everyone has their strengths.”

“I am very glad and proud of how far we have come and always try to improve and grow.”

“You never know who has a unique skill.”

“It is important to incorporate green space in general in an urban environment. It is good for our perspective of how we use resources and see where it comes from.”

“A CSA encourages people to eat vegetables and try new things.”

“We’re starting to have more of a presence in the city.”

“I feel like I’ve got an even stronger sense that every human being is worth being cherished.”