Read what Kelli wrote about her experience at Citizens for Juvenile Justice

Visiting the Citizens for Juvenile Justice center and conversing with their dedicated staff opened my eyes to the flaws and the institutional prejudices embedded in our American justice system. It is obvious that the American justice system can be a vicious cycle of racism and sexism when it goes unmonitored, but hearing Sana Fadel describe the racially-motivated corruption of the juvenile “justice” system made me realize that I do not even know the half of it. Ms. Fadel spoke of the negligence of the court system in regards to the rehabilitation of teenagers and children who are arrested and passed through the justice system. As an outsider who does not directly see what takes place on the inside of the justice system, I was stunned to learn that in certain situations, judges and court officers receive “kickback” payments when they incarcerate teenagers on minor offenses. Listening to Ms. Fadel divulge this disturbing information made me not only disgusted by the world in which we live, but also motivated to make a change. Ms. Fadel’s story of activism is so inspiring to me, as she did not always have a perfectly concrete plan for her life. She dabbled in human rights work, environmental activism, women’s rights, and cyclist/pedestrian safety. Her eclectic work background has showed me that you do not need a set-in-stone plan for your life, but instead you simply need motivation, dedication, and a desire to leave the world a better place than when you entered it.